everything's gonna be alright... with the world's most exclusive coffee.

  • Rachel says...

    "Before trying Harbour Merchant's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, I thought coffee was just a brown liquid that helped me avoid talking to people in the morning. But now, thanks to this delicious roast, I can confidently say that coffee is a flavorful adventure that takes my taste buds on a trip to Ethiopia with every sip. Who needs a plane ticket when you have a fresh cup of Yirgacheffe in your hand?"

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  • Hunter says...

    "Trust me, once you've tried Harbour Merchant's small batch roasts, you'll never go back to that basic, mass-produced swill grocers try to pass off as coffee. It's the kind of coffee that makes you want to do a happy dance, even if you're not a good dancer. So go ahead, treat yo' self to one of their exclusive blends. Your taste buds (and your inner dance party) will thank you!"

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  • Joseph says...

    "I used to think I was a morning person until I tried Daterra Bruzzi Espresso. Now I realize I was just a caffeine addict in denial. This stuff is so strong, it could wake the dead. Seriously, if you want a pick-me-up that will have you buzzing around like a bee on overdrive, Harbour Merchant's Bruzzi Espresso is the way to go. Just don't blame me if you feel the sudden urge to buy a Vespa."

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